These are hard times, with the pandemic and more. We’ve made some decisions to allow us to keep functioning and gathering, until things change.

This is our plan for Covid-related safety at the farm, as of January 2022:

  • All farm visitors will sign and date a contact tracing sheet, including commitment to notify us if they have symptoms or a positive test. Shodo will notify anyone who was at the same event, without disclosing personal information.
  • All MWA events that involve more than four people in the house (or close contact outside) will be designated “Covid-safe”. In addition to contact tracing, participants will need to be fully vaccinated (depending how things evolve, may include booster shots), and to take a rapid test on arrival at the farm. We strongly recommend a rapid test before leaving home, to avoid wasted travel time. We’ll ask you to contribute for the cost of the rapid test here.
    • Then we won’t wear masks.
    • We will change these requirements only by unanimous consent of every person attending an event, or later when covid issues change.

This policy does not indicate irrational trust of the FDA and CDC, nor distrust of holistic health, but merely a response to actual public health statistics and a wish for people to feel safe coming here. Policies about public health and vaccines are not a primary focus for MWA.