Update August 3, 2021

It’s too long since I updated here. I’m actively supporting two projects  protecting the environment against the industrial giants.

Stop Line 3 in northern Minnesota, which includes Honor The Earth and several other indigenous organizations. The original threat was Enbridge wanting to abandon its aging Line 3 pipeline from the Alberta tar sands, with a new and larger pipeline on a new route, ignoring treaties and indigenous rights, endangering wild rice beds (tradition, food, and economy), the watershed of Lake Superior, and the whole northern Minnesota economy based on hunting and fishing and tourism – claiming falsely that jobs will be created and that the oil is needed (it will be exported, the profit going to Enbridge).

Protect Peehee Mu’huh/Thacker Pass brings awareness to the dangers of “alternative energy” which is heavily based in lithium mining for batteries. Since January 2021, when Will Falk and Max Wilbert pitched their tent in the planned site of a lithium mine, the resistance project has been joined by People of Red Mountain, the Northern Paiute and Western Shoshone, to protect sacred land and their homes, and also by local ranchers. Lithium mining is happening around the world: the hidden damage of “green energy.”

“Green energy” involves mining and the destruction of the planet. We cannot continue in our way of life. More on this from Max Wilbert, here.

Here’s a map of pipeline failures: http://www.ienearth.org/map-of-destruction/

They are calling for people to join them in person. The website includes and address, a phone, and also information on donating.

Unistoten Camp, in so-called British Columbia, has built traditional buildings in the path of several planned pipelines crossing their territory. They are living traditionally and protecting the land. http://unistoten.camp/

Owe Aku and International Justice Project – Organizing project based in Pine Ridge, SD; recently stopped nuclear mining in the Black Hills. Their website has a great deal of information. Oglala Lakota

Honor the Earth – northern Minnesota, protecting land, water, ricing beds, dealing with pipelines, mining, too much to say. Anishinaabeg.

You are welcome to send additional information. It’s most likely to get posted if you write it coherently with valid links, as my time for research and posting is limited.