The collapse of the United States is underway. I list these signs. I’m not particularly interested in discussing whether that analysis is correct, just raising the thought.

  • The mass shootings, now more than one per day, mostly by young white men – a friend says “mostly incels, and mostly neurodivergent,” new thoughts to me which might explain the extremism and inability to consider their impact on others.
  • In the same vein, the level of intolerance by people toward those who could be allies: political correctness, the “circular firing squad,” all of that. I see it on the Left, but I hear it’s on the right too. Inability to compromise, to make alliances.
  • A Supreme Court destroying all possible protections for humans and the environment, protecting only the rich, corporations, and gun owners.
  • The loss of anything resembling fair elections, with gerrymandering, intimidation, reduction of access to voting, and of course the understanding that Democrats too will protect their corporate owners rather than human beings.
  • Climate disaster is less important than war, so suddenly we’re pressuring oil companies to produce more. Meanwhile, all the permissible climate solutions are bogus, while the real ones (holistic agriculture, change in lifestyles, etc) get tiny seed grants. Priorities are to keep the rich richer (it’s happening), increase profits, protect the richest, and never mind the rights that are being stripped from everyone.
  • I’ve skipped things we’ve known too long, like children in cages, support of the worst dictators and opposition to democracy around the world; hunger, drought, floods, wildfires. And still I’ve surely missed something.

It’s also true that there are wonderful encouraging signs of change, of life, of healing, like weeds and flowers growing up in a decayed building. It feels like a race.