Following are the Board of Advisors for Mountains and Waters Alliance

Beth Goldring


Beth Ann (Kanji) Goldring began Zen training in 1979 and became Maurine Stuart Roshi’s student in 1982, receiving Jukai from her in 1986 and ordination in her name in 1995.

A former university humanities teacher, she was engaged in human rights work in  Palestine 1986-93, a Radcliffe Bunting Institute Fellow 1993-4; in Thailand with the International Network of Engaged Buddhists in 1995-6; and in Cambodia (initially through the peace walk lead by Samdech Maha Ghosananda) from 1996 through the present.

From 2000-December 2016, she founded and headed Brahmavihara Cambodia (initially Brahmavihara Cambodia AIDS Project), a chaplaincy project for destitute AIDS patients in Phnom Penh. Still based in Cambodia she studies and teaches Buddhism and Meditation.

In addition to Zen training (renewed through Tassajara and City Center of San Francisco Zen Center in 2015-16) she studied Tibetan Lojong and Tonglen from 1999-2003, when she began Vipassana training with Gil Fronsdal.

She was fully authorized as a teacher by Gil Fronsdal in 2017.


As Chief Marketing Officer, Robin Hackney is responsible for the Ingenious Med brand strategy and positioning, demand generation and partnerships. She joined the firm with more than 20 years of marketing experience with a focus on technology, healthcare and small and medium business. Before Ingenious Med, she was the Chief Marketing Officer at Greenway Health. Prior to that, she served in various marketing capacities at IBM as well as Equifax, multiple ad agencies and start-ups. Hackney holds an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University and a BSBA in Marketing and Accounting from Washington University in St. Louis.


  • Gareth was born in the North of England, and after living as a child in Edinburgh, Scotland and Toronto, Canada, his family moved to Cardiff in South Wales.
  • Gareth was drawn to spirituality in the late 1990’s at the height of a successful twenty-year career in finance, and in mergers & acquisitions. Shortly thereafter he left the corporate world. As an independent businessman he has been able to develop a very successful livelihood and at the same time cultivate his spiritual path.
  • His business career has taken him to Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Nicaragua, Mexico and New Zealand. He has visited many of these countries on his own time and has also traveled to China, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, the Caribbean, Turkey, and throughout much of Western Europe. He has recently rediscovered hill walking (his favorite place is the West Coast of Scotland, which features on the covers of several of his books) and camping, and he is enjoying discovering natural wonders of the South.
  • Gareth is very active in interfaith and social justice work. A couple of years after being ordained a Zen Buddhist priest, Gareth left formal Zen practice to co-found Red Clay Sangha, an Atlanta Buddhist community. He is the serving president of Second Helpings Atlanta, has served as president of the Faith Alliance of Metro Atlanta, and is a regular observer of Ramadan, the Jewish High Holidays, and other faith and interfaith events. He is engaged with a number of other interfaith and social justice organizations, serving on boards and participating in grass-roots activism.
  • Gareth is a podcast host, a blogger, and a regular speaker and leader on topics of authenticity, intimacy and curiosity – central to a New Business Mindset.
  • He has written a number of books, including two novels, and contributed to several others.
  • Gareth is a father of two almost-adult children and lives in Atlanta, Georgia.


Beauty and love and loss, I have found, move hand in hand through LIFE. At least life in the corposystem where we are taught, to the contrary, that love and happiness (or is it fun?) are more or less the same thing. Not in my lifetime. I cry in holy places.

And within the wonder of music. I love to sit right in the middle of the four sections of a singalong of The Messiah, honoring the music with the tears running down my face. And am in awe before the glory of the systems of LIFE, the little bits that we have come to understand. LIFE itself. The greatest miracle.

I am transfixed before the beauty of good art, asking again the same old questions: “What is beauty?” “What is God?” “What is LIFE?”

You wouldn’t know it to look at me. I’m a well educated basic scientist; no longer young, still a good geneticist because I am stiff and unyielding about the accuracy of well-demonstrated facts, such as gravity, and our efforts to describe energy and entropy and evolution. And because I have never stopped studying, I am broadly open to human perceptions, and to evidence of various kinds, and I find great beauty in the basic facts and the reality of evolution that is everywhere spread out before us, even though most of us do not see it.

It is our modern human tragedy that we of the corposystem see LIFE, and our new science of Biology, as mostly a collection of facts that can be used as a measure of human technological prowess and a source of income, rather than an exploration of the nature of The Creation, in which everything is connected and from which everything emerges and then passes away.

I want to share with others, whether or not they are scientists, how LIFE functions to stay alive – a world view that more accurately represents the glorious factual reality than “survival of the fittest” or any meme, keyword or fantasy can do, and is incredibly beautiful when viewed with wise and open-minded compassion by any or all of our senses, and evaluated by any or all of the parts of our brains.

Every world view of every person is logical, and in some ways unique. I hope, if you can hear what I am trying to say, that my world view will help you to build yours, as you move through LIFE, on a base of solid, hard facts combined with wise compassion, rather than the shifting sand of corposystem opinions that cannot carry us much farther into our future realities. Because: “whatever happens, whoever wins, there is no going back once the gods are killed.”    (Helen McCarthy, 1999, Hayao Miyazaki)

M. Lynn Lamoreux, PhD


My name is River and I’m an architect. (I do often speak in double entendres). I believe a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible and I’m becoming wholeheartedly committed to it. I grew up in the woods Northwest of Bloomington, IN in the Beanblossom Creek watershed. The woods and streams are my greatest mentors. At 52 winters I find myself following, somewhat accidentally, the life path of the seer, bard, and druid. I have come to believe this reality we share is psychedelic; that our expectations drive our own interpretation of experience; and the cumulative effect of our interpretations is this reality, almost like the output of an equation. Deep change is possible to the extent we can change our interpretation of our own experience. I look forward to traveling in years ahead, and helping to support the newly emerging network of wholistic consciousness.


Linne Jensen is a Quaker who weaves her core values of integrity, community, equality, simplicity, and peace into her daily life. Born in Iowa, Linne has lived most of her life in Minnesota and has been a member of the Northfield community since 1970.

Linne earned degrees from Carleton College in sociology and anthropology and from the University of Minnesota Minneapolis in architecture. As the merchant and craft director for various themed events throughout the United States, including a number of major Renaissance Festivals, Linne evaluated, contracted with, and provided business coaching for hundreds of craft and service businesses. A founding member of Just Food Coop, Linne worked on site selection and negotiations, the start-up capital campaign, by-laws development, the policy register, and served on the Board of Directors. As a member of Cannon Valley Friends Meeting, she helped navigate the visioning, planning, and construction of Northfield’s Quaker Meetinghouse.

Linne continues to bring both her intuitive nature and practical thinking to her current work as a real estate agent with Edina Realty. A lover of rivers, lakes, woods, and open spaces, Linne strives to work with all beings for the welfare of our earth as a writer, a mother, and a grandmother.