Here are various links and other resources which I appreciate, offered for your exploration.

Spiritual Resources

These are a few places where I have personal connections, with no attempt to be complete.

Good web resources:

  • Light Getting In – a blog by my friend and Dharma sister Laurel Carrington
  • Martin Prechtel,, – I don’t know what to say. His teaching comes from his life in a Mayan village, and from growing up in a Pueblo village. I’m trying to learn from him currently, and hope to actively study with him when that becomes possible. His website has links to several talks (see “interviews”). I particularly invite you to listen to these talks on grief and praise.

Activist Resources

Useful Information – including recipes, permaculture and gardening, miscellaneous science

This will take a while to gather. It’s fine to send suggestions – then be patient.

Here is an article discussing the impact of wild animals on carbon sequestration – which is relevant to climate change. It includes a link to the original research by Yale scholars.

Sheldon Firth – Evidence Supporting Holistic Management – I think Holistic Management is one of the great tools for helping climate. This person has collected articles and research about it, including rebuttals of its detractors.

Permaculture Design Course outline, online. I haven’t read it yet, but the information is useful to share.

The Permaculture Orchard – an entertaining and informative video – about designing a permaculture orchard. – This website has a mixture of new understandings about the natural world, and praise for techno-solutions. I don’t support the technology part, but learning how trees communicate is great – and there are lots of such things.

Permaculture Design Magazine – I have a lifetime subscription.

Climate Change information and other bad news

“What if it’s already too late?” – an article with embedded short video about just how bad it really is. Might be disturbing. The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism (2007), Naomi Klein “Global Warming: More Insects, Eating More Crops” – bad news in detail

Political analysis and more bad news – shake up your brain

Derrick Jensen interviewing Chris Hedges on August 26, 2018 – Hedges talks about what societies look like at the end of empire (will sound familiar) and they discuss how to live in such a time. 50 minutes. One might call this essay “What to do when all is lost.” Wild and speculative, full of links and suggestions for more reading. August 28, 2018.