Mountains and Waters Alliance exists to heal the deep cause of the climate emergency in the rift between the dominant human culture and the whole of life on earth. Together with all beings, we protect and restore the living earth.

We create and nourish communities, rooted in meditation and ceremony, that practice farming as activism and defend land, water, and life as healing work; we learn, teach, and invite others to join us.

Mountains & Waters BLOG


Mountains and Waters Alliance September news and thoughts

Please forgive the long silence. I’m back and will try to be more regular. First, upcoming events: Sesshin, September 23-27 (arrive Thursday night, end Tuesday noon) The term sesshin means “to settle the mind.” We sit quietly together, 6 am to 9 pm with breaks for walking meditation and for meals. It’s a gentle time, […]


Appropriate response – and some ordinary news

The United States is falling apart. Forgive me for not writing sooner. A few months ago I started saying “This is what societal collapse looks like,” and I don’t see any reason to take that back. You can look at the list of symptoms if you need to be convinced, but otherwise don’t bother. The […]


Farm/garden day May 21

Dear Friends, Please forgive me for not commenting on the conditions of the world today. Sometimes writing is more than I can manage. But if you wish to send support to Ukraine, there is a Zen community in Poland that has taken on this work, and are known to people that I know. (You may […]


Mountains and Waters – April announcements and notes

Events On April 10, 2022, I’m pleased to invite you to a dharma talk online at Hokyoji Zen Monastery. Hokyoji is dear to my heart from early practice and also a year of individual retreat in the early days. They are now a thriving community, and because of internet they’re able to invite speakers. I’ll […]


Even In War

About two days ago, a shooting war began between Russia and Ukraine. Everyone knows who is right and wrong, except me. People have sent essays and speeches, and I can add a few bits of information or links. Here is just one source of many: a talk by Vladimir Pozner. There are some common themes […]


Dharma talk January 23: Thich Nhat Hanh and teachings on self.

I had promised to talk about the Buddhist understanding of Self. But the great Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh has just died. I’ll still talk about self, through his teachings. You can find information and access the talk at The talk begins at 9:30 am; sitting meditation is offered at 8:30 and 9:00. Some […]

Important Notices!

Regular Schedule (Online)

  • To access morning online zazen or any classes, you will need to use the password, which is a three-letter word starting with capital Z.
  • Zazen is online Mondays, 6:00 am CT.
  • THE GIFT OF FEARLESSNESS: Thoughtful company during hard times.

– Monday Mornings 6:00am CT

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Zen Study Group
– Wednesday 6:30 – 8pm CT

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  • Upcoming Events

    1. Land Care Retreat (covid safe) October 2022

      October 14 - October 16
    2. Genzo-e Online Study Retreat November 2022 with Okumura Roshi

      November 3 - November 7
    3. Rohatsu Sesshin – Simplified Zen Meditation Retreat December 2022 (Covid safe)

      November 30 @ 8:00 pm - December 7 @ 1:00 pm

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