Mountains and Waters Alliance exists to heal the deep cause of the climate emergency in the rift between the dominant human culture and the whole of life on earth. Together with all beings, we protect and restore the living earth.

We create and nourish communities, rooted in meditation and ceremony, that practice farming as activism and defend land, water, and life as healing work; we learn, teach, and invite others to join us.

The Alliance reaches out to the public through teaching, writing, and retreats, offering this vision of the human role in the community of life, grounded in the tangible reality of holding and caring for the shared land.

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The farm supports the Alliance and the Zen Community, offering a place for spiritual practice, a home for the work of protection and restoration, and food for residents, volunteers, and sharing.


The practice of awakening is one with the practice of transforming the earth which is our true body. A study and practice group meets at the Northfield Buddhist Meditation Center.


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There are no upcoming events at this time


There are no upcoming events at this time

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As the sun returns

It’s the dark time of the year, just five days until winter solstice and the beginning of the sun’s return. Night skies are brilliant with stars, the snow is bright from the moon even when it’s covered with clouds. The air is crisp and cold. Sometimes the body just wants to stay indoors and be […]


Climate, Collapse, and how we live

An invitation: One World in Dialogue and Zen Peacemakers  invite us to a 24-hour worldwide meditation vigil on December 7 and 8. I will participate for what time I can; I invite you also. Grounding Ourselves in Reality It’s so much easier and more pleasant to just go on as if nothing were different. The […]


MWA October newsletter: reconstitute the world

My heart is moved by all I cannot save: so much has been destroyed I have to cast my lot with those who age after age, perversely, with no extraordinary power, reconstitute the world. Adrienne Rich As I begin to write, hundreds of Extinction Rebellion protestors have been arrested around the world – over climate. […]


to let go of things

“To let go of things does not mean to get rid of them. It means to accept that they go away.” Shunryu Suzuki There’s a tricky thing about letting go of things. At the farm, mostly my attention is focused not on letting go but on things that are here that I don’t want – […]


There are many ways to get involved

Learn more about Mountains and Waters Alliance Membership – working to protect and restore the wholeness of life on earth. Its members include human people, rivers, rocks, trees, hills – sentient beings from all parts of the family of life. Check out ways you can Volunteer or.. Consider donating to Mountains and Waters