Mountains and Waters Alliance exists to heal the deep cause of the climate emergency in the rift between the dominant human culture and the whole of life on earth. Together with all beings, we protect and restore the living earth.

We create and nourish communities, rooted in meditation and ceremony, that practice farming as activism and defend land, water, and life as healing work; we learn, teach, and invite others to join us.

Mountains & Waters BLOG


Spring practice period and events

Dear Friends, In spite of Covid-19, we will offer some in-person options for this year. Things may change if the pandemic worsens. Meanwhile we have online events. Online: Sunday evenings, 4:30 Central Time, online discussion group called “The Gift of Fearlessness” Wednesday evenings, 6:30 Central Time, Zen study group. February 20 one-day retreat with Red […]



In this time of fear, when so many people are literally refugees and when any one of us might join them. How do we find refuge, and how do we offer refuge? Refuge means shelter from danger. It comes from “to flee,” “back,” and “a place for.” The danger is unspecified, just fleeing back to […]


On the insurrection – and the new Reichstag Fire

Yesterday armed white supremacists stormed the Capitol to stop the certification of electoral college votes. Washington police, well skilled in crowd control, offered no advance resistance; things were allowed to escalate beyond control. After fact-checking: It may or may not be true that police opened barricades to let in the mob; one police posed for […]


“Not-knowing is most intimate”

The year called 2020 will probably be remembered for a long time for its hardship. May our descendants know it also as a key point in the Great Turning. We don’t know yet. We may recognize the feelings of William Butler Yeats when he wrote in 1919 after The Great War (WWI) ended, while his […]


Turning – the year and the world

As I write, we are already in the longest night. Winter solstice officially happens this year at 4:03 am, Central Time, Monday, December 21. We are also in a worldwide crisis, and a national crisis here in the United States, the likes of which have not been seen for a very long time. It’s not […]


Hold the Center

Dear Friends, These are tumultuous times. We may think we have come through the storm. We may think the storm is just beginning as a certain man and his supporters resist the election results. If neither of those happens, there is still this: The Democratic Party is still committed to corporate profits and willing to […]

Important Notices!

Regular Schedule (Online)

  • To access morning online zazen or any classes, you will need to use the password, which is a three-letter word starting with capital Z.
  • Zazen will be online Mondays only.

– Monday Mornings 6:00am CT

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The Gift of Fearlessness: Conversations on the Pandemic
– Sundays 4:30-5:45pm CT

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Zen Study Group
– Wednesday 6:30 – 8pm CT

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  • Upcoming Events

    1. Spring Work/Practice Period

      March 1 - July 31
    2. Dharma Talk – online – March 28, 2021

      March 28 @ 9:00 am - 10:30 am
    3. Dharma Talk – online – April 11, 2021

      April 11 @ 9:30 am - 11:00 am
    4. 5-Day Sesshin at the Farm – June 17-22

      June 17 @ 8:00 pm - June 22 @ 3:00 pm

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