The Alliance reaches out to the public through teaching, writing, and retreats, offering this vision of the human role in the community of life, grounded in the tangible reality of holding and caring for the shared land.

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The farm supports the Alliance and the Zen Community, offering a place for spiritual practice, a home for the work of protection and restoration, and food for residents, volunteers, and sharing.


The practice of awakening is one with the practice of transforming the earth which is our true body. A study and practice group meets at the Northfield Buddhist Meditation Center.


Upcoming Events

Starts: Fri Mar 22 - 12:00 AM

16922 Cabot Avenue

Silent meditation retreat in the Zen tradition. If you would like to come, please speak with Shodo in advance.   NOTES: Advance registration is required, one week in advance. Retreats are held at a private home on a 17-acre farm, an hour south of Minneapolis, on the Cannon River. Retreat leader is Shodo Spring, dharma […]

  • 20
  • Apr

Starts: Sat Apr 20 - 9:00 AM

16922 Cabot Avenue

Come work with us in the country.

  • 26
  • Apr

Starts: Fri Apr 26 - 12:00 AM

16922 Cabot Avenue

There will not be a sesshin in April. Please come March 22-24, or June 28-30, or to the Land

  • 17
  • May

Starts: Fri May 17 - 7:00 PM

16922 Cabot Avenue

Land Care Retreat May 24 - 26, 2019 SPIRITUAL PRACTICE WITH THE NATURAL WORLD Friday ev

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March newsletter – Mountains and Waters Alliance

“When you sit zazen, you place yourself on the ground of reality.” Shohaku Okumura Roshi. These words from my teacher offer a radical perspective on what we do when we sit down on the cushion. It’s not about calming ourselves, controlling emotions, or reaching special states of consciousness. No, it’s about reality. It’s not necessarily […]


Maple sugaring, work days, new upcoming events.

As spring approaches, the wish to share this space with people becomes stronger. So I’m writing about a bunch of possibilities and encouraging you to join me. Everything is at the farm except the ones identified as elsewhere. I’ve just posted two new work days – March 16 and April 20 – with seasonal work […]


Newsletter and a link to “Deep Adaptation” article

Dear Friends of Mountains and Waters, This is a repeat of last week’s blog post, which seems to have disappeared. Here’s an overview of what’s coming up, and at the end thoughts and a link to Bendell’s work on “Deep Adaptation.” Retreats: Sesshin (Zen meditation retreat): 3-day sesshin at the farm, March 22-24 , June […]


“Why America Failed”

Last night the potluck group listened to Morris Berman on “Why America Failed.” Halfway through I was wondering why I did this. By the end I remembered. But first let me mention this: most of the hour consisted of an overview of what’s wrong. (This talk was pre-Trump, by the way, but you could already […]


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Learn more about Mountains and Waters Alliance Membership – working to protect and restore the wholeness of life on earth. Its members include human people, rivers, rocks, trees, hills – sentient beings from all parts of the family of life. Check out ways you can Volunteer or.. Consider donating to Mountains and Waters