Mountains and Waters Farm

We’re on 17 acres and doing our best to farm sustainably, regeneratively, and in harmony with all the beings who live here. The intention is to be a food resource when that is needed, and meanwhile to feed ourselves and bring in a little money to support the whole venture.

The farm enacts the mission of the Alliance in specific and detailed ways on a particular piece of land, practicing permaculture farming and land conservation, preparing for climate change; sharing skills, improving local food security, offering a replicable model of living sustainably, and being ready to serve as a refuge if needed. We do this work with others, local and beyond,, who share our commitment. The farm supports the Alliance and the Zen Community, offering a place for spiritual practice, a home for the work of protection and restoration, and food for residents, volunteers, and sharing. We are on 17 acres near Faribault, MN, with mixed woods and fields, in transition to orchards, perennials, and a diversified off-grid farm.

Internships and Apprenticeships are available.       507-384-8541