Here are various links and other resources which I appreciate, offered for your exploration.

Spiritual Resources

My teacher’s community, Sanshinji, Bloomington, IN. My debt of gratitude is beyond words.

Sanshin Zen Community

Northfield Buddhist Meditation Center, Northfield, MN – my local sangha. Twin Cities: Clouds in Water Zen Center; Minnesota Zen Meditation Center where I began; Compassionate Ocean Dharma Center; Common Ground Meditation Center, classical Buddhism. Atlanta, GA: Red Clay Sangha  and Midtown Atlanta Zen Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center, near Boulder, CO – Nature retreats and ecodharma events. Johann Robbins and David Loy. San Francisco Zen Center, California – I lived here three years, and came back to finish monastic training at Tassajara. These are a few places where I have personal connections.

Martin Prechtel,, – I don’t know what to say. His teaching comes from his life in a Mayan village, and from growing up in a Pueblo village. I’m trying to learn from him currently, and hope to actively study with him when that becomes possible. His website has links to several talks (see “interviews”; I particularly invite you to listen to these talks on grief and praise:

Activist Resources

Useful Information – including recipes, permaculture and gardening, miscellaneous science

This will take a while to gather. It’s fine to send suggestions – then be patient. Sheldon Firth – Evidence Supporting Holistic Management – I think Holistic Management is one of the great tools for helping climate. This person  has collected articles and research about it, including rebuttals of its detractors. The Permaculture Orchard – an entertaining and informative video – about designing a permaculture orchard. – This website has a mixture of new understandings about the natural world, and praise for techno-solutions. I don’t support the technology part, but learning how trees communicate is great – and there are lots of such things. Permaculture Design Magazine – I have a lifetime subscription.

Climate Change information and other bad news

“What if it’s already too late?” – an article with embedded short video about just how bad it really is. Might be disturbing. The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism (2007), Naomi Klein “Global Warming: More Insects, Eating More Crops” – bad news in detail

Political analysis and more bad news – shake up your brain

Derrick Jensen interviewing Chris Hedges on August 26, 2018 – Hedges talks about what societies look like at the end of empire (will sound familiar) and they discuss how to live in such a time. 50 minutes. One might call this essay “What to do when all is lost.” Wild and speculative, full of links and suggestions for more reading. August 28, 2018.