The Alliance reaches out to the public through teaching, writing, and retreats, offering this vision of the human role in the community of life, grounded in the tangible reality of holding and caring for the shared land.

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The farm supports the Alliance and the Zen Community, offering a place for spiritual practice, a home for the work of protection and restoration, and food for residents, volunteers, and sharing.


The practice of awakening is one with the practice of transforming the earth which is our true body. A study and practice group meets at the Northfield Buddhist Meditation Center.


Words From My Teacher

Our lives are patterns of the fabric produced by the loom of time and space.

When we see the individual things, each one is impermanent, constantly changing, without any fixed independent entity.

But this work of weaving continues. Our life is a result and a gift from people and things from the past.

What we do now influences later generations, whether positively or negatively.

The loom is weaving the ancient brocade of eternity, while the spring is new, fresh and different each year.

The spring of the entire heaven and earth is manifested within a tiny plum blossom in the cold air.

The tiny blossom actualizes the spring of the entire heaven and earth.

All individual things are working together as a whole without anything being excluded.

There is no observer and observation from outside.

~ Shohaku Okumura Roshi

Shohaku Okamura Roshi

Upcoming Events

Starts: Fri Feb 01 - 7:00 PM

445 Farrington Street

You’re warmly invited to a book reading with local Minnesota authors from this book. I’ll be there, and you’re warmly invited. No registration, no fee, and a chance to buy autographed copies of several books from Temple Ground Press.

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  • Feb

Starts: Sun Feb 03 - 9:30 AM

313 1/2 Division Street S

I’ll be offering the Sunday talk at NBMC, an inter-Buddhist center and my closest Dhar

  • 22
  • Feb

Starts: Fri Feb 22 - 12:00 AM

16922 Cabot Avenue

Silent meditation retreat in the Zen tradition. If you would like to come, please speak with

  • 22
  • Mar

Starts: Fri Mar 22 - 12:00 AM

16922 Cabot Avenue

Silent meditation retreat in the Zen tradition. If you would like to come, please speak with

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